More About Manyoni


Manyoni is the second site approved as part of the WWF/Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife Black Rhino Range Expansion Project. The 22 000 hectare area in northern Kwa-Zulu Natal consists of numerous adjoining properties which have dropped their internal fences in order to create a haven for a significant black rhino population, and Luthuli is proud to be one of these properties.


The aim of the expansion project is to increase the number of black rhino by having more land available for their conservation, thus reducing pressure on existing reserves and providing new territory in which they can breed. A founder population of 22 black rhino from KZN Wildlife reserves has been released in the reserve to date.


Rapid growth can mean the difference between survival and extinction for an endangered species. Faster growth provides a bigger buffer against poaching or natural disaster like disease, fire or flood. Black rhino births occur about two years apart.

Properties where the current land use is wildlife-based, current poaching levels are low, and the upward trend in black rhino numbers, is largely due to the courage and commitment of men and woman dedicated to the conservation of Africa’s wild animals. But there is no room for complacency and poaching remains on ever-present threat. The Black Rhino Range Expansion Project also supports ongoing protection measures for existing black rhino populations.


When People are focused on their own survival, conversation is not a priority. For this reason, the project aims to spread the benefits derived from conserving black rhino to people living in areas around project sites, and instill a culture of care for the beautiful natural heritage and awareness of the importance of biodiversity.

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