A Warthogs Tail


It’s sometimes easy to forget the charming little animals while on a game drive.


These charismatic creatures are small in appearance with a big personality… Just like the beloved Pumba from Lion King, warthogs are known for their protective, loyal and comedic nature.


They trot with lively confidence and are known to run surprisingly fast! Often you will see them running with their tails in the air, their tuft waving like a tiny flag beckoning attention. As their young run in single file, the tail may serve as a sign, keeping the young together.


Warthogs are extraordinary creatures, able to survive in areas without water for several months; their higher body temperature allows them to conserve moisture inside their body. Female warthogs are protective at heart, letting their babies go into their burrows first. This clever tactic allows the mother warthog to run out first, protecting her babies should any predator threaten them.


These remarkable and nurturing animals frequent the lawns and waterholes of our lodge for nourishment and will be a memorable part of your safari experience.


Make sure to look out for their springy tails on your game drive or lodge!

Luthuli Private Game Reserve
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